About Me

I born in a medieval family where education, patience, hardworking and mutual respect are treated as the main assets to be a good human and make success in life. My parents are teacher and they provided me enough space to select the way of life. I am proud to be one of the children of them. I am also happy with my wife and child.
I like to play soccer and cricket. Natural beauty attracts me a lot and I love to visit new places. I also watch movie and listen to music. I try to do exercise in a regular interval.
All my academic and professional details are in my resume.

Contact Details

Md Kamruzzaman
1650 NE Valley Road, Apt. k5
Pullman, WA 99163, US


Washington State University

Ph.D. candidate Fall 2015–continue

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

B.Sc. in Computer Science March 2004–March 2009


  • • ACM BigLS Student Travel award, Oct. 2016.
  • • CHAI Fellowship, Fall 2016.
  • • Teaching Assistantship, Fall 2015–Spring 2016.



  1. Characterizing the Role of Environment on Phenotypic Traits using Topological Data Analysis

    ACM–BCB 2016 ISBN: 978–1–4503–4225–4

    We present a new algorithmic framework to characterize the role of environment on phenotypic traits. Our framework is an application of the Topological Data Analysis (TDA), which is an emerging branch in computational mathematics that deals with shapes and structures of complex data. To the best of our knowledge, this effort represents the first application of topological data analysis on phenomics data.

Conference papers

  1. Interesting Paths in the Mapper

    The Mapper produces a compact summary of high dimensional data as a simplicial complex. We study the problem of quantifying the interestingness of subpopulations in a Mapper, which appear as long paths, flares, or loops.

Journal papers

  1. Toward A Scalable Exploratory Framework for Complex High-Dimensional Phenomics Data

    Phenomics is an emerging branch of modern biology, which uses high throughput phenotyping tools to capture multiple environment and phenotypic trait measurements, at a massive scale. computational tools that can parse through such high dimensional data sets and aid in extracting plausible hypothesis are currently lacking. In this paper, we present a new algorithmic approach to effectively decode and characterize the role of environment on phenotypic traits, from complex phenomic data. We applied this novel algorithmic approach on a real-world maize data set. Our results demonstrate the ability of our approach to delineate emergent behavior among subpopulations, as dictated by one or more environmental factors; notably, our approach shows how the environment plays a key role in determining the phenotypic behavior of one of the two genotypes.


Washington State University

Research assistant Fall 2015 - continue

Washington State University

Teaching assistant Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

KBGroup UK

System analyst and Software developer July 2010–July 2015

KBGroup UK is a multinational software development company which provides web based eTicketing solutions. Most of the prestigious theaters of UK are the clients of this company. The client side solution contain pure HTML5, css and js. Server side language is classic ASP.NET including DLL(Dynamic Linked Library) that was developed using both C++ and Visual basic. I also worked on open source pdf engine iTextShirp. I also worked in ticket printing section where we had to develop solution to communicate with many printing machine language like FLG and Svelta.
I also developed mobile application in both iOS and android.

NazimCorp. Resource Gateway

iOS application developer May 2009–June 2010

This was a startup company, which mainly focused on iOS application development and the revenue model of this company was based on advertisement in the app. We developed many utility based applications mainly for iPhone and iPod. Later we developed few apps for iPad. Due to deficit of revenue, finally the company shutdown in November, 2010.


Currently, I mostly work using C++. For data analysis, I use R. I used MPICH in academic projects.

From 2010 to 2015, I worked using classing ASP, HTML, Javascript and MsSql.

I know Java, Python and PHP but not in expert level.